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Hi Tech's Gold aluminium plate and bar 3yr
1million km warranty.

Hi Tech Truck and Automotive Plate & Bar Intercoolers
Brisbane, Melbourne, Queensland, Australia. Hi Tech's Gold aluminium plate and bar 3yr 1million km warranty. We freight Australia wide.

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Main Faults

This is testing a intercooler in place on a Freightliner argosy truck looking for leaks after receiving reports from the owner the system had a whistle, loss of power and high fuel consumption all which relates back to a failed intercooler system.

A 2003 ford courier 2.5ltr This this intercooler

Vehicle is lacking power and using more fuel than usual.

Hi-Tech radiators fixes this problem is by replacing the intercooler with a brand new heavy duty aluminium plate and bar complete intercooler. This can be done for most common automotive vehicles with air to air intercoolers mounted to them, these units will gain both extra power and be more efficient on fuel consumption due to dropping the internal engine temperature .

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